About us

Sci-Hub, started by Alexandra Elbakyan, is the most greatest tool in the world for the researcheres. However many people in some area can’t access this tool.

In order to help more researcheres access this tool, we make much effort.

At first, we started the website: sci-hub.love to collect accessable sci-hub domain. However, it didn’t last several days because we received the complaint from many publishers, and then the domain sci-hub.love was forbidden.

In the following time, we registered the domain sci-hub.app and sci-hub.win, but got the same result as sci-hub.love.

Then, we also made a software, Yxueshu, but it is just for windows, and we have no deveice to develope a MAC release. So, we decided not to maintain this project.

As all these result, we have to put this project on the wordpress site.  The working domain of sci-hub is detected every 5 through Python and then published here.

Besides, we know many people from China can’t use Google Scholar for some well known reason. As this result, we start another wonderful website, https://www.80xueshu.com. This is really an excellent job. We put Google Scholar, Sci-hub and libgen together. You could search any words there and get the same result as Google Scholar, more importantly, you could click ‘Download PDF’ to get the PDF file. It is really excellent.


We will continue to make every effort to work better.

If you like us, you could donate us through paypal (Click here), so that we have more money to buy network server.

Many thanks to all of you.

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