About us

Sci-Hub, started by Alexandra Elbakyan, is the most greatest tool in the world for the researcheres. However many people in some area can’t access this tool.

In order to help more researcheres access this tool, we make much effort.

At first, we started the website: sci-hub.love to collect accessable sci-hub domain. However, it didn’t last several days because we received the complaint from many publishers, and then the domain sci-hub.love was forbidden.

In the following time, we registered the domain sci-hub.app and sci-hub.win, but got the same result as sci-hub.love.

As all these result, we have to put this project on the wordpress site.  The working domain of sci-hub is detected every 5 through Python and then published here.

We will continue to make every effort to work better.


4 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hey, I’m currently writing my master’s thesis on scihub. For a particular analysis, I’m interested in the full list of scihub domains that were used throughout the years. Do you have by chance such a list as well as the exact dates of the first and last use of the domains?


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