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  1. Please , I need this book – Implementing Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Handbook for Academic Libraries


  2. Be aware that newer papers since early 2019, to the best of my knowledge, have not been uploaded because there is a court case and she has not been uploading any papers since the court case began. It might be worth contacting the people who did the research to see if they will send you a copy of the paper.


  3. hi please i need this paper

    “Ought there to be but One Logic”
    by Michael Resnik
    In B. Jack Copeland (ed.), Logic and Reality: Essays on the Legacy of Arthur Prior. Oxford University Press. pp. 489–517 (1996)



  4. 1) Where your writing beliefs about your capabilities came fromMy writing skills came from a lot of trial and error in my papers during middle school and high school. English wasn’t my strong suit and I found it difficult to conform to the “rubrics” that the teachers made us follow. I saw improvement in my writing when I was doing a lot of revision. I was able to structure a essay or paper exactly the way they wanted and still have a bit of personal touch to it. I found this strategy useful for me personally, because I like to have everything laid out before working on it. 2) All the ways you write during a day that are not “proper essays” (think text messages, coding, instagram, tiktok)During the day most of my writing happens on my phone. When I message my friends or write a email to a professor. Depending on the person, I tend to use a lot of abbreviations, but for professional work its proper english.3) The work/time you put into a submittable assignment (this has taken me probably 10 hours)My revision takes up a good portion of my time. I don’t spend as much time on the initial essay but a lot on revising, and end up adding more details as I read on.


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